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    I've been competing in dog agility competitions with my labradors for 10 years  but...
    It wasn’t until recently that I truly appreciated that filming our Agility dog agility training sessions was one of the best-kept secrets to becoming a great dog agility trainer.
    For that matter, filming dog training sessions helps famously for all walks of training.
    So why am I writing this blog?   Let me step back about a year….  I was struggling to  train my extremely fast and impulsive border collie pup, Brenna.
     Inside, I was yelling "HELP !!!"

    In addition to my weekly class, I enrolled in online classes, to put our training on the fast track
    .... I would create video of myself and my dog performing weekly class exercises, and submit them to the online training group for the instructors insightful feedback.. 
    I was training alone and found that setting up the smartphone camera to film from the right location was a challenge –
    .. And then I stumbled upon a great  solution

    I found a cute little bendy legged tripod to hold my smartphone....It opened the doors to filming from almost anywhere
    agility dog training
    -- I could now pin the camera  to fence posts, jump posts for close ups, and even up a ladder to film longer sequences from high up
    But .... UH-OH....
    ....As I reviewed my dog training videos ready for submission, I was STUNNED… make that SHOCKED at how unclear and late some of my cues were …  But, on the flip side, I could instantly see for myself what was happening….and practice fixes to the problem
    Yup …. I was cueing way to late
      ....and…..Guess what ?
    ..... I was babysitting my contacts. 
    The film let me see how truly amazing and brilliant Brenna was …. How hard she was trying
    ….And how the tiniest mistakes in my handling cues impacted her understanding.
     ....How she needed more training to achieve early obstacle commitment.
    Better still, the film showed me what was going when I was running ahead in front of Brenna …. This taught me to trust her as I proofed her skills. 
    As a result, she and I grew so much in our confidence and as a team
    I wished I had made filming part of my dog training routine years ago….
    So why hadn’t I?.....
    Setting the camera up to film was the biggest barrier .... It was a pain...and I really didn’t know how best to film to get the information that I needed
    With my tripod, I am now able to set up the camera to film in less than a minute, from the perfect location.

    ...And this got me thinking….Wouldn't most people film their agility dog training sessions…. if they knew how to  quickly set up a camera?
    If you do dog agility, or even dog obedience or puppy training, I’d love to show you what I do  so tath you can quickly build filming into your daily training routine
    Let me share with you a FREE video and FREE E-Book  It reveals my “set up filming from the best location, in the best way, in less than a minute”  approach

    In it, I  show you my exact smartphone camera filming setup.  It actually only takes 20 seconds to set up the camera in most cases
    I’ll also illustrate 9 filming tips that let you get the maximum dog agility training information out of your video
    The trick is in how you film.
    …. How to film and assess obstacle performance and the results of proofing exercises
    ….The best way to film startline stays and what the dog sees
     ….How to use video to optimize paths and cues for faster timing
    …. How to use video to assess correct stride collection, which you can use for successful weave entries, to avoid knocked bars and to get tighter turns.
    I detail some tricks that you can use to improve video quality INCLUDING how to film in poor lighting situations by, for example, increasing the exposure setting
    dog training videos
    The E-Book reveals how to review videos in SLOW MOTION in order to analyze your timing and striding

    Click on this link below to grab the FREE Video and E-Book and learn how to integrate filming into your agility dog trainingsessions! 
    I hope that you get the chance to try this out... You'll probably become a filming addict like me!  
    Send me feedback and questions - I'd be happy to answer them.  I'll post answers to the most popular questions in a future blog.  
    Reach me at  angela@progearsolutions.com
    Wishing you all the best in your agility dog training!
    P.S. A couple of folks asked about what tripod to use to film wiith their GoPro, iPads and Tablet PC.  Here are some links



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